Uplift Families

2015 E-Flier Uplift


I am so happy to be partnering with the Uplift Families Initiative, led by First Lady, Jeanette Herbert. We had our first meeting at the Governor’s Mansion this month and it was such a pleasure to visit with inspiring and motivated individuals as we planned our upcoming event.

This year’s Parenting Conference is guaranteed to be one of our best! Matt Townsend is scheduled to attend and present at the conference and he just happens to be one of my all time favorite speakers. Matt’s vision for families is to “live longer, love stronger, and lead your legacy.” Can’t you just feel that passion? I want you to share in the enthusiasm of this event. It will transform your outlook on parenting and with a population of informed and educated parents, our influence on society can be unparalleled.

matt townsend

If Matt wasn’t enough, let me give you a taste of what else is to come. American Idol’s Carmen Rasmusen Herbert will also perform and speak at the conference. Clay Olsen, the founder of the enormously successful website, Fight the New Drug will also present on his groundbreaking strides to combat pornography across the nation. Mrs. Jeanette Herbert, the spearhead of this incredible initiative will of course present at the conference lending insight from her experience as an enormously successful mother and leader among women.

This promises to be an inspiring evening, don’t miss the opportunity to join with us!


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