Passing the torch: New Mother of the Year!

Relay Race

Today we attended the honor luncheon for the 2015 in coming mothers of the year:  Mother of the year Jan Zogmaister from Ogden, the 2015 Young Mother of the year Marilyn Bazinet from Utah Valley and the two Mother’s of Achievement, Gladeeh Begaye and Juliann Cook Jeppsen.

It was such an honor just to be in the same room with these incredible women!

I had the opportunity along with the other 2014 out-going mothers of the year to say a few words.  I wanted to highlight some of the things that we did through-out the last year so I asked my husband Ron to help me put together this video that I think turned out so well!  I need to be honest – I narrated it and he did all of the work!  I owe everything that I have done or will ever do to my husband Ron!  I love him more than words can tell!!

Governor & Mrs. Herbert & Stokers

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