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A Kiss

When I think about great parents my daughter Emily and her husband Jared are always right there on top!  Their patience and love for their family and how hard they work to take care of them is an example to all who know them.

Of course I am not biased when it comes to my grand-kids… but take a look at these “Reeces Pieces” that Jared and Emily produced!

5 ReecesJeanie & Ellie

The Girls

Emily has the patience of “Job” and the heart of a saint.  She shared with me some wonderful words of wisdom about how she has found creative ways to get children to help.  If this is something you are needing help with read on…

Chores are a constant need in our house. We always have an incentive attached to the chores they are doing. This may appear or resemble bribery but we feel that for the most part, an earned reward is just that, its earned. We have done different programs, (earning points toward a wanted item/activity- Joey earned up points to get a Lab Coat) our current program is the “Chore Jar” and “Summer Fun” jar.

Reeces Crafts


With school out for the summer our new program consists of the kids earning so many points with their chore jar, once they reached that goal we can pull something out from the “Summer Fun jar”.   Activities in the Summer Fun Jar include, cornstarch paint, spoon puppets,


kool-aide stand, toilet paper roll rockets, salt dough. All activities are super cheap if not free and take up another good chunk of time to fill up part of the long summer days. Another tactic we have used to motivate the kids for chores is adding a little fun to it. Once we did a “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” chore adventure where the kids put on their pirate dress ups.  Chores were pinned to a fabric map we had and we followed the map, gathering up gold coins like the characters do in the show, finally reaching the treasure, which was a snack of cookies!

 Jake - Neverland

See what I mean?!  That Emily is such a great little mom – and Jared is no wit behind her as an awesome Dad!

Speaking of Jared and Emily…  The two of them are not only the creators of 5 adorable grand-kids – but they are also the creators of there own business called of all things – “Reecently Handmade

Reecently Handmade

You will not want to miss the “old wood” creations that are one of a kind and very special.  (They are working on a contract with Quilted Bear).  Where do they find the time to parent that pack of 5 little ones AND Create awesome “Reecently Handmade” gifts too?!

Look for them in the Main Street Arts Festival  This Saturday the 23rd in Magna.  Looks like it will be perfect weather for an Arts Festival!  Let me know what you think about it – I will be in a Parade up in Logan this weekend and will have to miss it.


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