Dads Get Their Due At Draper Days

Yesterday Lynn Callister, the National Mother of Achievement and I were in the Draper Days Parade. It was a lot of fun!  We were so touched by the wonderful people in Draper and how warmly we were received by them!   The beautiful streets, homes and town we passed by made me want to buy a home there.  A bunch of my kids, grand kids and husband joined us.  Most of us wore shirts and held signs about Mom’s.  “Hug your mom, Mom’s rock, I love mom and so on.”

One man along the parade route shouted to me, “What about dad’s?”  He wasn’t being rude – just asking…  I shouted back, “You’re right!  Without dad’s there would be no mothers!  We LOVE DADS!!”  I hope he was mildly appeased!

My husband is the rock in our marriage.  He has gone through so many trials and many of them we have experienced together:

  • Losing his first wife and the baby she was carrying in a car accident at 34.
  • Being left a widower with 6 children.
  • Blending two families when I came along.
  • Earning a good living for a family of 11!
  • Managing to have a strong relationship with each one of our 9 kids.
  • Handling surgeries, sicknesses and eventually being rendered an “incomplete quadriplegic”.
  • Learning to walk and to use his hands again.
  • Dealing with the after-effects of hospital bills and the toll it took on running his own business.
  • Bankruptcy and the loss of our home.
  • Incredible challenges with teenagers (there’s almost nothing we haven’t seen!)
  • Two suicide deaths of a son-in-law and son.
  • Helping our daughter-in-law face the challenge of the up coming birth of a baby that will not live much longer.

Where do I draw my strength from?  First from my relationship with my Heavenly Father and second the  relationship I have with my husband Ron.  I could never have done any of this alone – I alone am nothing without him!

I love this YouTube video about a father and his baby girl – so precious!

Dad and baby

Hug your dad!  We love our Dads!  We are nothing without these strong positive roll models in our lives!  Share your thoughts with us about your dad and how he made a difference in your life!

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  1. Erin Hiatt says:

    You guys have been through so much. I love you guys. I loved Ron as my Bishop in the singles ward, and I loved growing up with your kids. I never knew until now the challenges you and the your family faced. You guys are amazing. And Dads are amazing. My Dad raised my sisters and I as a single parent for quite some time. And I also had step parents. I love your Blog, I miss you guys! HUGS!!

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