If it isn’t fun I don’t want to play


I went to all of the “experts” in my life to get help with parenting.  I got some awesome responses!  My oldest sister Michelin from Bellingham Washington sent me these sage words of advice…

Speedy Baby

Begging in the store is an easy deal for me, when kids say they want something, they may not necessarily be begging, When my kids would mention stuff they wanted I would always follow-up with, “me too!” or ” really? I’d rather have…”” and then we’d go off listing all the things we wish we could have. Which usually ended up with “I wish I had a whole store full of…” It’s ok to want but begging, would be rude. I don’t remember ever having that experience. (that’s how old I am).


I think I was the bratty kid in our relationships when the kids would get defiant or obnoxious, I’d just say, “it stopped being fun for me just then”, or I’d say ” run, as fast as you can to your room, lock your doors and don’t let me in, no matter what I say, this may save your life”.

 Momma with a wooden spoon

For the most part, my kids seemed more mature than me.


My motto was: If it isn’t fun I don’t want to play.


Also, most of the time I would ask myself, ‘why not’ more than ‘why’.


Bedtime issues; my feelings are that the more choices you give kids the weirder they get, it’s almost like they short-circuit and can’t make any good choices onceJumping on the bed

they have too wide of a margin. So I gave a lot less choices to my kids, when it was bedtime it was “my time”, I would say, I’m finished parenting, you are on your own, I don’t want to hear, or smell or see you. You have 5 minutes to get to bed, that includes brushing, praying, hugging, after that, if you’ve forgotten something tough!


I didn’t have patience with tantrums, I used a cold water squirt bottle and just sprayed them in the face.  It happened only a few times, I know it’s called abuse by todays standards, but hey I just didn’t want to revisit it over and over, same with biting they only bit once and then I scared the life out of them by grabbing their arm and biting pretty hard making a lot of growling sounds to frighten them to death.

And then firmly saying “we eat food NOT friends or family”. I’m not worried, the statute of limitations has expired for me to be prosecuted these days.

 Finding Nemo

Now I bet you wish you hadn’t asked huh?


Love you


LOVE it Mikey!!  You are my hero!!


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  1. Baha! I loved the insane biting story. That’s hilarious! My favorite is how the “begging” in the grocery store was turned into a fun conversational experience. So sweet! I have a personal story about that. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on it!

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