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Ruth's Diner

Ron and I love watching Guy Feiri’s Diners, Drive Ins & Dives.  We have discovered that there are a number of restaurants in Utah that have been highlighted on that show and we have decided to go try some of them out this summer.

Now this may surprise those of you who have lived in Utah as long as I have,  but I have never eaten at Ruth’s Diner up Emigration Canyon until today!  I have driven past it a million times on my way up the canyon but never stopped to eat.

What I enjoyed more than the food was the atmosphere.  I am all about atmosphere!  We sat out on the back patio, along with everyone else and had a wonderful lunch.  Ron had the chicken fried steak and I had a chicken sandwich on a ciabatta bun.  Both meals were very good, but we both agreed that Ron’s Chicken fried steak and eggs were excellent!

It looks like they are opening a much bigger and beautiful Ruth’s Diner right next to the “original” restaurant that was built back in 1930 in a railway car.  They have restored the railway car restaurant many times I’m sure.  This is a popular place and was well worth the drive up the canyon to get there.  I will be back and next time we will go in the evening to enjoy the patio lights and music – I can’t wait!

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