My first entry

May 22, 2014

Welcome to my blog!  I am excited to begin what I hope will “honor, educate and serve mothers at home, at work and beyond!”  This is the mission of American Mother’s Inc. and now my mission as well after I was selected to be the 2014 Utah Mother of the Year.

I am certain there is an army of mom’s out there more deserving of this title than I am, but for some reason it was given to me and I am honored to serve the incredible women of Utah!


After one of my sons told a friend from another state that his mother was just selected as Utah Mother of the Year she said, “You’re mother is the mother of the year for the state where all other mothers come to learn how to be mother’s?!”

Utah is known for our love of home and family.  We are the state others look to for a moral compass and guide on how to raise our children.  I am incredibly honored to serve the mothers of this great state.  We too have looked to many of you for our own compass as we were in the “trenches” raising our 9 children.  I know that you ARE the mothers (and fathers) who all others look to as well.


About us!

This blog is not an opportunity for us to list all of our parenting prowess because we have made as many mistakes as anyone else!  Any masterful mothering techniques I have had in the last 32 years have been due to a series of effects; a loving Father in Heaven watching over us, my incredible husband Ron and serendipitous moments.  Anyone that knows my husband recognizes how incredibly, truly blessed I am to have him at my side!  I am in awe of this incredible man and am grateful that he too has a deep love for God as well.

Almost 25 years ago I met and married Ron.  He was 34 years old and I was 30.  Ron a widower with 6 children of his own and I a single mother raising 2 little boys.  We combined our families and included our ninth child to the mix.

9 babies

Our home was anything but predictable with 9 children, all of their friends and the special opportunity that we had to take in 3 beautiful children as their legal guardians for a season.  Ron and I know what it is like to parent “Yours, Mine, Ours AND Thiers” (they are all ours!) and we love each of them!


You’re NOT my mother!

angry boy

We will talk about step parenting, disciplining, challenges and more.





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6 Responses to My first entry

  1. Ron Stoker says:

    I love the picture… which one of the boys is that?

  2. Michelin says:

    LOVE the blog. so excited to follow and share. My kids are gonna love this fun new project.


    great blog!!!!!!!!!

  4. melanie says:

    Thank you Richard – I’m hoping to get better at this “Blog” thing!!

  5. anissaw says:

    Melanie, you already have a hang of this! You are a great example to all those around you! I sure love you and am grateful to call you family! Keep up the great posts like you have here. Your thoughts and stories will inspire many more who are in need of a pick me up or to know they are heading in the right direction.

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