So… Last night I asked two of my sons to read my new blog.  It was very quiet as they read over my shoulder.  When I asked them what they thought and waited for a reply, seconds ticked by.   I heard crickets chirping outside our window.  Then one of my sons said carefully, “Mom… have you ever read a blog?”  Is it that obvious, really??


They began to give me some much needed instructions on writing a blog.  And this from the youngest son who once, inspecting the dinner table, said to me, “Is this all we’re having, all this sick stuff I hate??!”  Surely what I had jut served up on my new blog was not all this sick stuff that people would hate?!!

I swallowed my pride and realized I really need to get reading all those “mommy blogs“,  and the “Sistasinzion blog“, and everything in between!  I have a lot of homework to do…

Sooo…. Tell me what YOU really want to know about regarding parenting, children, discipline, you name it!  Or better yet – give me YOUR words of wisdom and tricks in parenting that have worked well for you!!



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4 Responses to IS THIS ALL WE’RE HAVING…??!

  1. Brooke Andreason says:

    Tips and ideas on how to raise children who are selfless and grateful in a world that is teaching them to be selfish and teaching the mentality of “more is better”.

    • melanie says:

      Excellent ideas Brooke, I will put together some thoughts on an “Attitude of Gratitude”! Handling that issue of “entitlement” goes right along with that – believing that the world owes us something. Keep the ideas coming!

  2. Laurie says:

    Teach children that even the youngest child’s attitude will have an affect for good or bad on the people around him. It is our responsibility to help lift up the people around us maybe even when we don’t feel like it. It doesn’t take much, a kind word a smile or a small service can change the attitude of a whole group. Being shy is almost being selfish by putting our own comfort above anothers. I Love You Mel! You Can Do It!

  3. melanie says:

    Thank you for your comments Laurie! They help improve upon what I have written. I believe that Service is the key to “paying it forward”. If each of us served someone every day – we could change the world! I Love you too!

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