Grand baby # 25!

1.  Grand baby #25!

2.  Don’t Drop the Baton!

3.  Did I mention this was Grand baby #25? Or – Clusters of Cousins!

4.  Poling Parents for Perfect Parenting…

5.  Nanny 911

1. Grand baby # 25!

Today our daughter Michelle and her husband Cameron are having their fourth child, a boy!  We will be going to the hospital later today to celebrate little Jackson Lewis’ birth.  I will have more details like Jackson’s middle name, his weight and length and how mom is doing.

I will also have details about how Jackson’s big sister, 3 year old Annie will respond to this little bundle of joy.  Will she feel robbed of her spot as the baby?  How will Porter feel when he finally gets that baby brother after years of being sandwiched between two sisters?  And what about Morgan the oldest of the lot?  Next week she turns 11 years old.  She will more than likely be the one that will record Jackson’s birth in her memory.

2. Don’t Drop the Baton!

We share all of the grand-parenting duties with the Lewis’.  They are the grandparents that out-shine us!  Always there, always aware!  We love rubbing shoulders with Tim and Enid.  Passing the grandkids between us like passing a baton.  The thought of “dropping” one of them would not just loose the relay race it would be a tragedy.  These little one’s are so precious!  And so we take our role as grandparents very serious!

Relay Race

3. Did I mention this was Grand baby #25? Or – Clusters of Cousins!

Having 9 children, 7 of them married you can expect that we would have a bunch.  They seem to come in clusters of cousins!  In one year we have already had four little ones born with the fifth arriving sometime in September.  Three and a half years ago we had a similar grouping.  All of Annie’s fellow three to four year old cousins (four of them) have gotten their own baby brother or sister.  Then there is Porter’s fellow six to seven year old cousins (four of them) have gotten their second younger sibling!

assorted grapes

4. Poling Parents for Perfect Parenting…

It came to me one night that we have the perfect arrangement.  With all of these grandchildren coming in “clusters of cousins” each of their parents have found certain tactics that have worked for them.  Watching my children and their spouses parent is so refreshing!  They have so many unique ways of disciplining and interacting with their kids.  Plus, do not forget Ron and I were in the trenches too at one time…  We may be old but we aren’t dead yet!

Yes, our grandchildren are “perfect” and rarely do anything wrong – not!  Our grandchildren range from toddlers to teens and everything in between!  Each of their parents have had their own challenges in the parenting department, that is why I consider them my own army of experts.

Father and son


5. Nanny 911!!

Does anyone love watching Nanny 911 or Super Nanny as much as I do?!  Where were these shows when I needed them??!  Love this quote from Nanny 911:  “Brats are not born, they’re made.”  Or this quote about Super Nanny, “…parents sometimes obey their kids’ commands rather than the other way around.”

What issues are driving you crazy?  Give me your worst and let’s see what my team of “experts” can help you with!  What have you done that was successful?  We would love to hear the good and bad from you!





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  1. Well said Mel. You are so lucky. We have four perfect grandchildren one is nearly 18 and the other three are 16 or 15, and all drive or are learning to drive…….. Oh my. I wish we had some clusters here to hug. We wish you all the best. Love, Judy and Karl Rosenberg

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