Matt Townsend – Uplift Families Event

For all of you who were not able to attend the Uplift Families Event – here is Matt Townsend’s talk.  You will love it!

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Wag More, Bark Less


Wag More


They’ve done it again! Those Uplift Families People have delivered something fabulous. This time it’s a touching story by Brad Barton, about catching our loved ones in the act of “doing it right.” Read it! It will, at the very least, brighten your day.

Here’s the link:

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Uplift Families

2015 E-Flier Uplift


I am so happy to be partnering with the Uplift Families Initiative, led by First Lady, Jeanette Herbert. We had our first meeting at the Governor’s Mansion this month and it was such a pleasure to visit with inspiring and motivated individuals as we planned our upcoming event.

This year’s Parenting Conference is guaranteed to be one of our best! Matt Townsend is scheduled to attend and present at the conference and he just happens to be one of my all time favorite speakers. Matt’s vision for families is to “live longer, love stronger, and lead your legacy.” Can’t you just feel that passion? I want you to share in the enthusiasm of this event. It will transform your outlook on parenting and with a population of informed and educated parents, our influence on society can be unparalleled.

matt townsend

If Matt wasn’t enough, let me give you a taste of what else is to come. American Idol’s Carmen Rasmusen Herbert will also perform and speak at the conference. Clay Olsen, the founder of the enormously successful website, Fight the New Drug will also present on his groundbreaking strides to combat pornography across the nation. Mrs. Jeanette Herbert, the spearhead of this incredible initiative will of course present at the conference lending insight from her experience as an enormously successful mother and leader among women.

This promises to be an inspiring evening, don’t miss the opportunity to join with us!


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Passing the torch: New Mother of the Year!

Relay Race

Today we attended the honor luncheon for the 2015 in coming mothers of the year:  Mother of the year Jan Zogmaister from Ogden, the 2015 Young Mother of the year Marilyn Bazinet from Utah Valley and the two Mother’s of Achievement, Gladeeh Begaye and Juliann Cook Jeppsen.

It was such an honor just to be in the same room with these incredible women!

I had the opportunity along with the other 2014 out-going mothers of the year to say a few words.  I wanted to highlight some of the things that we did through-out the last year so I asked my husband Ron to help me put together this video that I think turned out so well!  I need to be honest – I narrated it and he did all of the work!  I owe everything that I have done or will ever do to my husband Ron!  I love him more than words can tell!!

Governor & Mrs. Herbert & Stokers

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Helping Hands for the Holidays

The Grinch

If this year like the Grinch your heart was two sizes too small and you believed Christmas wouldn’t happen at – I wish you had been with me as we sent out the call… (okay so I’m no Dr. Seuss!)

With the help of  a number of companies and many individuals we made Christmas magic happen for a number of needy families.  Thank you to everyone that donated just over $3,000 before Christmas!  If anyone suggested that we could raise that much money I wouldn’t have believed it!

Elsa Dress   Bake Sale 1 Bake Sale 2

We made Sub-for-Santa magic happen when individuals from American Mothers Inc., Allstate Insurance, Little Caesars Pizza, Harmon’s, Kneaders, Smiths, Sweet Arlene’s, Corner Bakery and LD Bowerman Investments, each donated a variety of things such as baked goods, Jazz tickets, a quilt or a dress!


Leading that crew of incredible organizations has to be Brad the manager at Little Caesars Pizza in Draper who donated ALL of the pizza’s and bread sticks for our Bake Sale.  He then took 2 of the most needy families that we had and  Brad and his crew of incredible workers bought toys, clothing and gift cards.  After everyone else had gone home they descended upon our office like Santa and his elves and began wrapping and labeling dozens and dozens of gifts!  If that wasn’t enough – he gave both of the families Little Caesars Pizza for a YEAR!!

Little Caesar's wrapping party 14Little Caesar's wrapping party 4 Little Caesar's wrapping party 1 Little Caesar's wrapping party 10

How do we begin to thank Brad and his very generous team?!  Buy Little Caesars Pizza in Draper – that’s how!!

155 East 13800 South, Draper Utah


Little CaesarsI am delighted to encourage everyone to buy more Pizza – as long as it is Little Caesars Pizza, Pizza!!

Here are a few of the many organizations and people that stepped in to help us:

Allstate AMI Corner Bakery Harmon's Kneaders  Smith'sSweet Arleen's

 Our Help for the Holidays event was a huge success thanks to you!!

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Help for the Holidays!


Santa can’t do it all!

With just under 2 weeks before Christmas I sit in my comfortable home looking at the Christmas tree lights and sip hot cocoa. I should be blissfully happy with my life right now but pangs of guilt set in as I think of the little ones who very likely will go without a nourishing meal or presents under their Christmas tree.

I have decided to do something about the handful of children whose parents work with me and who have fallen on desperate times. In the words of Helen Keller, “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do!”

I have set a goal of collecting $2500 to be split between 5 families. I know that amount may seem like a mountain to some and a mole hill to others but it is the goal that I have set and believe we can reach in less than 2 weeks.

I encourage you to find that $5, $10 or $20 dollar bill inside your pocket that you know you can spare and donate it today! May God Bless you and your family! Merry Christmas to All and to all a Goodnight!

Go to:



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Stuff A Truck

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.  It is so important that we do something about domestic violence.  When 1 out of 4 women have experienced violence by a spouse or boyfriend ~ Or that 7 million children live in families in which severe partner violence occurs!

Ron’s niece Angela was murdered by her boyfriend on May 5th 2011.  It is not something that most of us think will happen in our family.


But it is because of this and too many other similar violent acts that we personally wanted to get involved.

At Allstate we are encouraged to give back to the community.  Between Allstate and American Mothers I feel we did make a significant difference.

Stuff A Truck Event

Box Truck

A labor of love!! 

By October 11th we had already collected many donations between the American Mothers group and Allstate Employees in the Draper Utah Office.  We added to that in a big way as 15 volunteers from Allstate and AMI descended onto the Bangerter Crossing Harmon’s Grocery store. A total of 90 HOURS of volunteer work (which did not include the hours spent up to that point!)

A BIG thank you to Ryan Morris Harmon’s Manager and all of their very kind and generous shoppers!

Harmon's Grocery Store

The help we received from Harmon’s was amazing!  They donated 4 Doz donuts, Drinks, 2 Doz balloons, tablecloths and lots and lots of help!!

The Helping Hands Committee  

Helping Hands Committee

(Melanie Stoker, Kori Winrow, Christina Olson, Josh Leake, Tyson Butterfield)

Christina Olson Family

Diapers, Wipe ups and more

Christina Olson’s family ~  Who could say no to that adorable little guy, or Tyson’s little girl?!  They were our secret weapon!

~ Diapers, wipe ups and more – we almost wiped out the wipe ups!

 We collected two ton’s of children’s clothing, Diapers, wipe-ups, baby formula, food, groceries and $500 dollars in cash!!

Utah Mother of the Year

The work was hard and the hours long, but everyone of us felt this was a labor of love!   Nothing feels better than giving to a worthy cause!

Thank you to all who generously gave

May God bless you all!!

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Choose Life

I’ve dealt with a number of challenges so far this year.  Challenges that range from hardly worth mentioning to life threatening and life taking.  It seems that almost every aspect of my life has been at risk, or at least my perception of “at risk”.

And then on September 10th the sun came out as Cason Ronald Stoker was born and lived!  All 6# 8 oz of him melted our hearts and taught us that God is a God of miracles – that he does hear our pleadings and sometimes he does say, “Yes”!

Cason's feetCason's Hand1453380_10205076671215335_4168957213206128582_n


Shelly shared this beautiful video called The Miracle of Life:

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

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Final Days for “Uplift Families” Conference Preparation

Dear Friends, I want to let you know about the Uplift Families Parenting Conference on Saturday, September 13th at Thanksgiving Point at 5:30pm!  Uplift Families is the initiative of the First Lady of Utah, Jeanette Herbert.  It is going to be an amazing event!  In grand Prizeaddition to incredible food, exhibits and even prizes, we will have the opportunity be inspired by some incredible speakers.  Seriously, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn some life-saving tools that you can use in your lifetime and with your children.  The value of this kind of event is priceless.  Please fit it in your schedule if you can.  This year’s speakers include Governor Gary R. Herbert, First Lady Jeanette Herbert, former NBA Coach Frank Layden, Parenting Experts: Judge Andrew A. Valdez, Craig PoVey and Merrilee Boyack and Julie de Azevedo Hanks, who is a recording artist as well as a nationally known relationship expert.  Uplift Families is covering most of the expense, making it extremely affordable.  In addition, here’s a $5.00 off coupon that you can use when you register, which will bring the cost down to only $10.00 per ticket.  To register go to  and go to the Purchase Tickets tab.  Click on the tab and order your tickets.  When you go to check out, type the following discount code …  UPLIFT.  That will give you $5.00 off.  Any one signing up today and tomorrow will be entered into the Grand Prize – 2 Night Stay at the Zermatt Resort!!  Deadline for the Zermatt Resort is tomorrow!

Please attend – this is a great opportunity of learning and helping your family.  Please contact me if  you have any questions.



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Uplift Utah Families

I love finding golden nuggets that I can pass on to others – I received a call from Steve James the Executive Director the Utah’s first lady Mrs. Jeannette Herbert.  He asked that we help promote Mrs. Herberts event “Uplift Utah FamiliesUplift Families

You have one week to be illegible for the awesome prize for early registration.  This is a terrific date night with dinner!

grand Prize

This event has something for almost every facet of your life.  This is an annual event put on by Mrs. Herbert that provides uplifting and inspiring messages to help each of us be better and live better.



Besides being an inspiring event the cost is very little at $10 per person with the $5 off (enter code: “UPLIFT”) This is an incredible value since each ticket is worth $60!  I was told by the First Ladies staff that I could offer the chance to earn free tickets to this event –  you will simply need to get 5 couples to attend – I can only give this offer to 10 people so please see me for details.


I will be there!  – Hope to see you too!!


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